Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i'll let you decide

Hello there,

i can't believe i actually have a blog now.  i'm not sure exactly what i will be writing about, probably a little everything.  this is the first time i have ever done anything like this but i think it will be good for me; it should get some things off my chest and hopefully make me a better writer.

today we started mayterm which is where we have one class a day for 2 hours.  it sure didn't start off as a good day because we were woken up at 8:20 by our department of safety staff telling us (over the loud speakers) that we had to go to our designated spots due to the tornado warning.  it was originally supposed to end at 9:09 then it got extended until 9:22 and then once again it was extended until 9:45.  shew wee was i glad to get out of there.  the air in the tunnels was so thick and just felt moldy; it was disgusting.  i seriously became sick to my stomach with a throat ache after being down there.  the thing that really sucked about this was the fact that i got woken up at 8:20 and didn't plan on getting up until 11.  that blew.  

my class wasn't really that bad.  i am taking spanish conversation which is good in my opinion because i am a spanish major and absolutely love learning more spanish.  the two hours went pretty fast to me, maybe not to some of the other people in there lol

in the meantime my boyfriend played a terrible joke on me.  he told me that him and a friend had gone to a local strip club for "lunch".  this was not one bit funny to me, he let the joke go on for too long.  at first i did not believe him but he kept agging it on so i had no idea that he was kidding.  but whatever, we are over it now.

there really isn't anything else that was very interesting about my day hahaha.  but i will leave with a quote; i plan on doing this every time i end my blog posts which i'd like my viewers to seriously think about.

1st blog quote:
"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death"
-Albert Einstein

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