Friday, April 29, 2011

My sorority's senior event

well let me just start out by saying that this group of girls that are now alumnae are AHHHHMAZING!!!! i want to be just like them when i become a senior.  they are so inspiring and are just all around a great group of women.  

last night was emotional for myself because each senior would get up in front of the chapter and say what they liked most about being in Phi Mu and some gave advice for things not to do.  then we had a nice dinner where the senior's littles read a poem out loud that they wrote.  let me tell ya, these poems/fact sheets were crazy!  the poems were meant to let the rest of the girls know just exactly how "naughty" our sisters had been over there years at our college.  some of them were super crazy, things you would not expect from the person the stories were about! lets just say they got a little sexual lol

knowing that this group of girls will not be here next year is sad but it just inspires me to strive to be like them and to take their advice so that i can get the most of my experience as a member of Phi Mu!!

i love you senior class of 2011! : )

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